Inclusive Postsecondary Education

  • The Inclusive University Resource Blog
  • The Inclusive University: Abstracts on Postsecondary Education and Faculty, Staff, and Students with Disabilities (.pdf) (2012) is an extensive listing contains resources intended for those who are interested in learning about inclusive postsecondary education and may be helpful to assist postsecondary institutions to include people with disabilities in all aspects of campus life.
  • Building pedagogical curb cuts: Incorporating Disability in the University Classroom and Curriculum (.pdf) Ben-Moshe, L., Cory, R. C., Feldbaum, M., & Sagendorf, K. (Eds.). (2005). Syracuse, NY: The Graduate School, Syracuse University.  The editors and major contributors are past leaders of the Beyond Compliance Coordinating Committee. The book, which reflects the mission of the group, is remarkable because it was conceived and created entirely by students. The book recognizes that compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other anti-discrimination laws is important, but that often those measures do not go far enough to ensure that universities acknowledge and value the contributions of all students, including students with disabilities.
  • Beyond Compliance: An Information Package on the Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Postsecondary Education (2003) compiled and edited by Rebecca Cory, Steve Taylor, Pamela Walker, and Julia White contains essays, reprints, and resources designed to assist postsecondary institutions to move beyond compliance and to include disabled persons in all aspects of campus life. It is not intended to provide step-by-step guidelines or to serve as a comprehensive manual on all aspects of inclusion and accommodations. Rather, it is designed to offer some perspectives, strategies, and resources that individuals can use to advocate for the inclusion of people with disabilities at universities and postsecondary institutions. (164 pages)

Outside Resources

  • National Disabled Students Union
    The National Disabled Students Union (NDSU) is a national, cross-disability, student organization. The NDSU works to mobilize and organize students with disabilities throughout the nation and works to ensure that all disabled students have the opportunities they need to learn, the opportunities they need to live and work, and the opportunities they need to be full participants in their communities and full members of American society.
  • National Educational Association of Disabled Students
    The National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS) is a Canadian consumer organization, with a mandate to encourage the self-empowerment of post-secondary students with disabilities in Canada. NEADS advocates for increased accessibility at all levels so that disabled students may gain equal access to college or university education, which is their right.