Platform on Vocational Issues

Advocacy Board of the Center on Human Policy, 1981

  • We support the development of integrated vocational training and work opportunities for people with disabilities as an alternative to sheltered workshop placement.
  • We urge all public agencies responsible for certifying or funding vocational services to develop incentives for service providers to create integrated vocational programs.
  • We call on all vocational service providers to incorporate principles of normalization in all aspects of program design and operation. Specifically, we urge that programs provide opportunities for social integration as well as physical integration in normal environments.
  • We support an immediate moratorium on the expansion of sheltered workshop space in this community, in conjunction with an expansion of integrated work and vocational opportunities. We believe that the continual expansion of sheltered workshop space serves as a strong disincentive to develop innovative alternatives and to place people with disabilities in appropriate work and vocational settings.
  • We support active consumer involvement in all aspects of the design, operation, and monitoring of vocational services.
  • We urge public agencies, private service providers, consumers, and concerned citizens, including leaders in industry, to cooperate in the development of a long-term plan for the creation of integrated work and vocational opportunities in this community.