Position Statement on the Facilitated Communication (FC) Controversy

This statement was developed by the Center on Human Policy in 1995 in close consultation with its parent, disability, and professional advisory board.

The Center on Human Policy is committed to the rights of people with disabilities to communication aids and strategies to enable them to express their perspectives and preferences. The Center remains open and objective on the question of whether, for whom, or under what circumstances facilitated communication (FC) is a valid communication aid. The Center opposes attempts to restrict or limit access to FC to people with disabilities or to prevent parents or guardians of people with disabilities from selecting FC as a choice for their children. Further, the Center opposes one-sided resolutions or policy statements by professional associations or governmental bodies that misrepresent the research and experience with FC accumulated to date or the evidence on the potential risks and benefits of FC. The Center supports continued research on FC and urges all concerned individuals and associations to evaluate the evidence on and experience with FC without prejudice.