The Center on Human Policy has produced a variety of bulletins presenting information based on and summarizing research findings relevant to community integration for people with developmental disabilities.

Please note: These bulletins concern a range of information concerning the inclusive community integration of people with developmental disabilities, and do not contain resources and information newer than 1995; however, there is historical information and resources contained here that may be useful to those who are concerned or researching about supports and services for people with disabilities.

  • Policy Bulletin No. 1: Social Relationships is first of a series of bulletins summarizing research findings for those who make and are impacted by policy. This document looks at relationships between people with and without disabilities.
  • Policy Bulletin No. 2: Disability and Family Policy presents a multicultural approach for working with families, focusing on class, gender, and cultural dimensions, with recommendations for policy makers.
  • Policy Bulletin No. 3: Safeguards addresses how safety can be increased by strengthening community and improving the assistance people receive. It also discusses the paradox of regulations.
  • Policy Bulletin No. 4: Individualized Services in New York State contains several brief articles describing examples of individualized supports in New York State. The bulletin also includes discussion of issues and challenges related to policy and practice regarding individualized supports.
  • Community Living for Adults is a newsbulletin highlighting promising practices, issues and resources in supporting adults in the community.
  • Families for All Children highlights promising practices in family support services nationally, the Center on Human Policy’s statement in support of families and their children, and issues and resources in family support.