chpname-sm The Center on Human Policy (CHP) is a Syracuse University based policy, research, and advocacy organization involved in the national movement to insure the rights of people with disabilities. Since its founding in 1971, the Center has been involved in the study and promotion of open settings (inclusive community opportunities) for people with disabilities. The Center’s staff and associates include educators, human services professionals, people with disabilities, graduate students, and family members of children and youth with disabilities. The Center has an Advocacy Board composed of people with disabilities, parents, and interested citizens that serves as an independent voice on behalf of the rights of people with disabilities in the community. A core set of values guides the Center on Human Policy, including:

  • All people with disabilities are entitled to inclusive education, living, employment, and leisure opportunities.
  • All people with disabilities have the right to live in their own communities and pursue their own lifestyles.
  • People with disabilities should play a central role in the design, operation, and monitoring of the support they receive.
  • All people in society share the responsibility to create inclusive communities.

Please explore our resources and publications available, read about our research projects, learn about the center and it’s history, and consider giving a gift to the The Legacy Fund for Disability Studies and Human Policy.

“We need to empty the institutions. The quicker we accomplish that goal the quicker we will be able to repair the damage done to generations of innocent inmates. The quicker we get about converting our ideologies and resources to a community model, the quicker we will learn how to forget what we perpetuated in the name of humanity.” –Burton Blatt

An early Center on Human Policy sign Steven Taylor, Douglas Biklen, and Robert Bogdan at the Center's 40th Anniversary Burton Blatt Label Jars ... Not People Publications from the Center on Human Policy
Burton Blatt in the classroom Beth Ferri, Nancy Mudrick, Steven Taylor, and Arlene Kanter "Acts of Conscience" 2009 Wolf Wolfensberger Michael Schwartz
"Regular Lives" 1988 The Jowonio School in 1973 Students in "Label Jars Not People" t-shirts The Center's previous home on College Place "Christmas in Purgatory" Book Cover